This course is intended to provide a bird’s eye view to the developments in the area of public finance management in India at all the levels of Governments viz.  Union, State and Local. It also discusses inter-governmental fiscal relations among these three levels of governments and the role of institutions including finance commissions.


India  has  moved  from  import-dependence  to  self-sufficiency  and  then  to  a  net  food exporting country and reaching this level   after feeding 1.35 billion people is no mean achievement. Importance of agriculture is to be viewed not from the perspective of just food security but it goes far beyond this and it has the ramification on National sovereignty.



Session-I: An Aerial view of Indian Agriculture will broadly familiarize with current status and various issues relating to the agriculture sector


Session-II: Overarching Contours of Agriculture

  • Criticality of Agriculture
  • Various Phases of Agriculture in India
  • Policy Framework for Food security
  • Opportunities and Challenges


Session-III: Agriculture Marketing

  • Market Place Market Space and Marketing
  • APMCs and e-NAM
  • Issues in Marketing
  • Getting the ‘Markets Right’ and Getting the ‘Prices Right’


Session-IV: Risk Management in Agriculture :

  • Different types of Risks in Agriculture
  • Risks and Farmers’ Income
  • Strategy to Counter Risks


Session-V: Agriculture Pricing Policy :

  • Various Cost Concepts of Agricultural Commodities
  • Determinants of Agriculture Pricing Policy (MSP)
  • Institutions Created for formulation and supporting pricing policy
  • Drivers of Returns
  • Philosophy of and instrument of pricing policy of agriculture commodities


Session-VI: Fertiliser Policy and DBT


  • Policy of Fertilisers Pricing
  • Cause and Effects of Imbalance Use of Fertilisers
  • Advantages of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)


Session-VII: Transformation of Agriculture

  • Imperatives of Transformation of Agriculture
  • Adoption of high Tech in Agriculture
  • Reorientation of R&D in Agriculture
  • Moving from ‘Science of Discovery to ‘Science of Delivery’


Session-VIII:  WTO and Agriculture

  • Agreement on Agriculture (AoA),
  • Origin and its Philosophy,
  • Broad Framework of WTO Rules
  • Objectivity
  • Various Kinds of Subsidies ‘Boxes’ and its Nuances


Session-IX: Sustainability Concerns in Agriculture

  • Sustainable Thinking’
  • Climate Change
  • Strategy for Sustainability in Agriculture


Session-X: Doubling of Farmers’ Income

  • Diagnosis of Low Levels of Farmers’ Income
  • Policy Prescription to Augment Farmers’ Incomes and Welfare

Faculty Contact

  1. Prof. Ashok Vishandass