Today the global economy is dwindling, and protectionism is forcing the Indian government to look inwards for all procurement including defense and strengthen National cyber safety and security standards at international level to mitigate unknown emerging threats.


This course on Cyber Disarmament, National Security and Defence Procurement is designed to equip the participants with the expertise and the set of skills that the professionals require to engineer and re-engineer the industries/policies and to draw upon the opportunities that arise or to minimize the uncertainties in unpredictable scenarios. The course will give necessary confidence to develop clear perspectives  about defence procurement procedure and role of Government in providing cyber security, attribution, counter-measures, applicability of international law to cyber space, norms of responsible behavior, responsibility of a state for supporting cyber attacks originating or transiting through its territory, responsibility of states for the acts of proxies and other non-state actors, cooperation with industry/private sector, multistakeholder approach and international cooperation.



Learning outcomes:
After completion of this course, participants will develop confidence on following

Overview of Cyber Disarmament
Cyber Diplomacy and Warfare
Nation Preparedness and Cyber Strategy
Strategies and Structures for National Security
Indian Defence: Procurement Process and Policy
New Procurement Policy to Boost India’s Self-reliance in Arms

Session 1: Overview of Cyber Disarmament

  • Introduction to Cyber Disarmament
  • Potential approaches to cyber disarmament
  • Probable cyber weapons
  • Case study I – lessons learned from Estonia’s experience.

Session 2: Cyber Diplomacy and Warfare

  • Cyber warfare / cyber terrorism
  • Evolution of cyber-warfare and cyber-conflict.
  • Future trends in cyber security and cyber diplomacy

Session 3: Cyber Warfare: Case Studies

  • Olympic Games (A.K.Astuxnet)
  • Ukranian Power Grid
  • Russia-Georgia War
  • The Eastern Railway Website Defacement.
  • 2016 Us Elections.
  • China’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities


Session 4:   Nation Preparedness and Cyber Strategy

  • Framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace
  • Nation Preparedness and strategy
  • A Universal Legal Framework


Session 5:  Cyber Peace and Security

  • Cyber security as part of national and international security.
  • Global Cyber Warfare Trends


 Session 6: Strategies and Structures for National Security

Session 7: Indian Defense: Procurement Process and Policy

  • Procurement Process and Policy
  • Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP including RFP)
  • Discussion DPP and DPM

Session 8:  Defence Offset Policy / Offset Evaluation & Eligibility

Session 9: New Procurement Policy to Boost India’s Self-reliance in Arms

  • Market Entry Strategy Adopted by Key Foreign Players
  • Strategic partnership

Contact Faculty

  1. Dr. Surabhi Pandey