Session1: Introduction to Indian Social Systems 

Session2:  The structural Features of Indian Social System

  • The meaning of social structure and its paradigmatic shift.
  • The changes in the social Structure with regard to value system.

Session 3: Tradition and Modernity in Indian Society

  • Multiple Traditions in India
  • Modernity and Indian Social Life
  • Interaction between tradition and modernity in Indian Society

Session 4: Rural-Urban Nexus: Continuity and Change

  • Meaning of Rural and Urban landscapes
  • Associative and Dissociative Processes in Rural and Urban Societies
  • Demographic Profile of Urban and Rural India

Session 5: Structural-functional, Indological and Subaltern Approaches

  • Meaning of ‘Ordering’ and ‘Patterning’
  • Value based Approach
  • Perspective from below and its comparison with bird’s eye view

Session 6: Gender Relations in Indian Society

  • Meaning of gender and sex
  • Status of women in India, Gender Violence and Social Protypes
  • Legal provisions and Acts enacted to safeguard their status

Session 7: Ethnocentrism and xenocentrism

  • The sense of nostalgia and cultural relativism
  • In-group and Out-group behaviors
  • Assessment of social realities and problems faced by ‘self Vs Others’

Session 8: Educational Attainment in Class Oriented Society

  • Cultural Capital: Embodied, Objectified and Institutionalized
  • Knowledge, experience and Connection
  • Cultural bourgeoisie and social buoyancy

Session 9: Social Movements in India

  • Meaning of Social Movement
  • Typologies of Social Movements in India
  • Social Implications of Social Movements

Session 10: Public Policy and Sociological Responses

  • Sociological meaning of Public Policy
  • Reasons for underperformance of a Policy
  • Institutional Approaches to Public Policy

Session 11: Global Currents, Local responses and Social hierarchy

  • Sociological meaning of Globalization
  • Localization and inherent acceptance and resistance for globalization
  • Universality of social hierarchy

Faculty Contact

  1. Dr. Saket Bihari